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  Lake Tahoe Wedding Ceremonies at Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel
Weddings at Lake Tahoe are Stunning, Every Step of the Way
No matter what time of year you get married, weddings at Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel are always spectacular. Glittering winter, sunny spring, balmy summer, or colorful fall – every season offers a picturesque setting for your Lake Tahoe wedding ceremony. From the beautiful beaches to the majestic mountains, South Lake Tahoe is full natural beauty unlike anywhere else. When planning your big day, picture yourself surrounded by family and friends and all of Lake Tahoe’s beauty.

Lakeside Beach Wedding Ceremony
Let us set the stage for your Lake Tahoe wedding ceremony on the beach, where you’ll exchange vows surrounded by marvelous mountains and crystal-clear water.
The lakeside weddings at Lake Tahoe Beach Ceremony includes:
• Horse drawn carriage to and from Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel and the wedding ceremony location
• A one-hour wedding ceremony at Lakeside beach
• Minister
• One staff person
• White wedding arch and matching garden chairs
• Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel indoor atrium as a ceremony backup venue in case of rain

Prices Saturday Sunday-Friday
Up to 50 Guests $2,400 $2,000
Up to 75 Guests $2,500 $2,100
Up to 100 Guests $2,600 $2,200
150 Guests $3,000 $2,500
More than 150 Guests Call for details  

Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel Atrium Ceremony
If you prefer a romantic indoor ceremony, Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel offers our spacious atriums, with towering ceilings and elegant decor. Reception and banquet areas are just next door for a seamless transition from your Lake Tahoe wedding ceremony to celebration. The indoor ceremony includes:
• One hour Lake Tahoe wedding ceremony inside the atrium
• Guest chairs

Up to 50 Guests $750
51 to 100 Guests $950
101 to 150 Guests $1250

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