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  Our Green Programs
Lake Tahoe At Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel, we strive to protect the Earth by implementing simple, cost-effective green initiatives that provide a reduced carbon footprint. As a mountain lodging property, we have completed the following green initiatives that will help to protect our environment

1. All suites are installed with Sensor Stats. A digitally controlled thermostat that uses passive infra-red and motion detectors to turn on / off heating and cooling.

2. Installed LED lights on all EXIT signs.

3. Linen conservation announcements are in all 400 guest suites.

4. Installed Ozone Laundry Cleaning System for laundering linens. The Ozone Laundry System cleans and disinfects better than traditional washing, saves energy, uses less water, uses less time to clean, and linens are much cleaner.

5. Installed Variable Frequency Drivers on all our mechanical pumps.

6. Exterior evening lights are on a timer to turn off during daylight hours

7. Using Lake Tahoe's fresh air to cool public space and meeting space instead of running our chiller

8. Removed over 200 13 watt bulbs that provided unnecessary lighting

9. Removed unnecessary external lighting on elevators

10. Using controls on Kitchen Exhaust Hoods that turn off when not cooking

11. Using an internet control system for meeting room fans allowing us to control start / stop times of Heating / Cooling for groups

12. Replacing all T-12 ballast lighting with more energy efficient T-8 ballast lighting in our garage

13. Installed software to track energy savings opportunities.

14. All departments recycle paper / cardboard

15. Paper consumption has been reduced by 70%

16. Styrofoam products have been replaced with corn / potato products which are then added to the compost.

17. All unused food products are used for compost.

18. Common Table Salt is used in the Pool and converted into Sodium Hypochlorite, which disinfects the pool, is safe for the environment, and safe for team members to handle.

19. Installed Occupancy Sensors in back of house offices, storage rooms, public bathrooms, fitness center, and pool bathrooms.

20. All storm run-off water is collected, filtered, and tested before leaving the property to run in to Lake Tahoe.

And, when you visit us, you can help too.
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